Sinbi Muay Thai, Phuket, Thailand

Sinbi Muay Thai Camp in Phuket Thailand is a traditional gym which focuses on providing excellence in Muay Thai training.  Its location near the most beautiful beach on Phuket, Nai Harn Beach, makes it one of the most desirable gyms on the island to visit and train at.

Sinbi Muay Thai gym exists to support and train our young Thai fighters as well as to provide real Muay Thai training to students from other countries who wish to improve their fitness/technique. The exceptional quality of training at the gym is exemplified by the fact we regularly attract the best fighters in the sport who choose Sinbi when they have a fight South of Bangkok. For example Saenchai Sinbimuaythai previously trained here for 1.5 years and the likes of Saiyok Pumpunmuang can sometimes be seen at our Muay Thai training camp.

Authentic, Traditional Muay Thai

The gym was established in Phuket by the world renowned Muay Thai (fighting name Thopadake Wanchalerm) and K1 fighter, Sinbi Taewoong.  Sing oversees all aspects of the training and fighting at the gym.

The Muay Thai training offered at the gym is second to none in Phuket.  All of the trainers have fought a very high level either at Lumpinee or Ratchadamnoen stadiums in Bangkok the heart of Thailand and many have fought internationally.

As well as providing training within the gym, Sinbi Muay Thai also promotes its own fight shows.  These take place at well known stadiums throughout southern Thailand, the stadium in Phuket and the gym itself.


Train in Paradise

Sinbi Muay Thai Training Camp is quickly becoming known as the place to train in Phuket.  Whether you want general fitness and conditioning training, to lose weight, to improve Muay Thai technique or fight preparation training, Sinbi Muay Thai is the place for you.  Some people come and dedicate themselves to months of intensive training and fight preparation.  Others come to enjoy the sites and culture of Thailand with Muay Thai training as an added dimension to their stay.  Whatever your needs, Sinbi Muay Thai can provide for them.  The feedback we get most often from students is how well trainers at the gym are able to adapt to the different needs and levels of fitness of students at the gym.

As well as being able to offer excellent training services and facilities, our Muay Thai training camp benefits from being very close to some of the best tourist attractions on the island.  Whether it’s dining, sea food, beaches, snorkeling, scenery, elephant camps, snake shows, bars or night clubs you want, Nai Harn in the south of Phuket has the best of everything.



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Student Tips

Get an international Calling Card from 7-11 for much cheaper calls home.
Dave, SinbiMT
Just ask the trainers what time the fighters will run in the morning if you would like to join them.
Sarah, SinbiMT