David from Holland.

David’s come to train with us for 6 months. He’s currently 3 months in to his trip and will be having his first fight for Sinbi shortly.


Ray from Australia

Ray trains at Rungchai gym back home in Sydney, Australia. He stayed with us for 3 weeks and had the most epic fight at the end of his stay which resulted in him winning on points!


Darin from Scotland

Originally from South Africa but now calling Scotland home, Darin has been lucky enough to stay with us for 6 months. Darin is fighting regularly out here and is a total pleasure to have at the gym.



Sergey Badyuk from Russia

Every year Russian super star Sergey Badyuk and his team pay us a visit here at Sinbi. This year Sergy has bought a group of 25 students with him and trained with us for just over 2 weeks.



Ari from the USA

Ari has been living in Korea for the past year and decided to stop by and train with us for 3 weeks on his travels.



Carlos from Sweden

Carlos is staying with us for 6.5 weeks and is already planning a return trip next year!