Nai Sinbi Vs Nook Lion Muay Thai on Sinbi Fight Night

Nai went into this fight on a big win streak, winning by KO in nearly all of his fights… Nook came into this after also winning by about 4 Knockouts in a row. So this turned out to be explosive!


Cristian Bosche Vs Joe Boobyer

Both fighters have held heavyweight titles, Cristian coming from a Kickboxing background and Joe from a Boxing background, this fight was explosive and didn’t last very long!

Kim VS An Englishman who was the Intercontinental champion. This fight turned out to be interesting as the other gym tried to keep secret how good their fighter was… but we did the same! So it ended up our fighter Kim a top ranked K1 Fighter against their Intercontinental Champion.

Jack Siamsinbimuaythai takes on Rafi Singpatong in this war!



Vicky Fung Fight @ Khao Lak
In this fight a very controversial decision when Vicky Fung went and fought a local favourite in a different district. This was on of the performances of our future champions life!

Atur Sinbimuaythai Vs Max Power
In this fight we see the younger brother of Akur, Atur fight Max from Sweden. Max was also training at Sinbi and trains every week with one of our ex trainers Karim who now lives with his wife Nathalie in Sweden. This was just a bit of fun but turned into a real brawl!

Justine Vs Farida For WMC Title

Justine is a Muay Thai Prodigy, only approx 10 fights but beating anyone put in front of her. She had beaten Farida twice already but this time it was different. She had just got back from a trip home and Farida had been training hard none stop and was much improved from their previous bouts. Farida had been knocking girls out left right and center which is unusual for female fights. Justine was in for one of the fights of her life, for the World Championship (WMC).

Chris From Olsen Fight Factory fights a way more experienced fighter in this next fight. A typical lie about his record scenario. One thing the French opponent couldn’t of expected was Chris’s shear heart and determination though!
Part 1

Part 2