Training Breakdown

Morning: 7.30 am- 9.30am. Running is optional before that.

Afternoon: 6pm. Again running is optional before that.

In Thailand we have the luxury of training twice per day. 7.30 am is when the morning session starts. If you choose to go running then about 6.45 is a good time depending on how far you want to run. There’s always people running in a morning so if you’re not sure find a friend to show you one of the routes.

Once in the gym people do a warm up if their not out running. Skipping is the most popular choice, some choose to run around the gym and others will use our spin bikes or rowing machines to get a sweat on. Once warmed up the group stretching starts. This takes approx 10 minutes. After stretching you will get told to wrap your hands and then it’s time for shadowboxing, giving the trainers time to assess students abilities/technique.

Next up is bag work and the fun part… either sparring or pad rounds! If you don’t get called up by a trainer straight away then you will work the heavy bag until you do. There is usually a trainer to student ratio of about 1-2 or 1-3 so every step, even if you’re not doing your pad rounds there are trainers watching over and correcting technique. Try not to go too hard until you get called up for pads because this is the most intense part. At least 15 minutes, 5 x 3 minute rounds with your trainer. He will push you to the limits and craft you into something stronger than you’ve ever been before. Sparring varies a little. It’s pretty much every afternoon and not so much in mornings. Sparring is also optional unless you’re fighting.

Now you’ve done your pad rounds, go take a few minutes of rest as you’re likely going to be a walking wreck and you will still have strength and conditioning plus group drills. We generally finish off by practicing some specific Muay Thai techniques and doing drills such as 100 skipping knees, punching drills etc. The strength and conditioning/ fitness room is open for students to use at their own free will from 7.15am-6.15pm daily.

1 on 1 training can be booked in any time in-between the group class times.

Why Are We The Best?

We make you do the hard things you don’t want to do but need to do, to be the best you can be
our trainers were the best so they know what it takes to make you the best
do what you’re told, always do your best and prepare for the next level!




Train With The Premier League Of Muay Thai

Most of our trainers were the very best in the sport, superstars of Muay Thai and K1 in some cases such as Sinbi Taewoong.

One of the greatest female fighters of all time

Caley Reece is undoubtedly one of the greatest female fighters of all time. Here she is training with our long term fighter, also a WMC Champion, Gerry Sinbimuaythai.

Strength and Conditioning

As well as our Muay Thai equipment we have everything you would need for strength and conditioning.