Here are a number of training videos shot around the gym!

Joe Santi came for a short but intense training holiday and wanted something to remember his experience and show his friends what he had been doing.

Vicky Fung one of our finest young fighters finally orders a training montage. It went viral throughout the week, with hundreds of Facebook shares, thousands of views and a lot of new exposure for Vicky Fung!

Chantel Ughi is a world champion fighter as well as being a model and actress so I suggested we gave her video production a European touch, shooting in Phuket Town for her promotional video

Leo Au Yeung is one of the action choreographers for the Ip Man movie series and one of the leading Kung Fu practitioners in the world. So here we created a Kung Fu meets Muay Thai video production while he was here in Phuket.

Cristian is an ex World Champion who is now a trainer who fights occassionally. He asked me to put this video together to show his students and fans his extreme Muay Thai trip to Sinbi!

Leigh Malcomson was with us for over a year, fighting around ten times and usually winning by KO in some spectacular fights. We put this montage together as a showcase of himself when launching his personal training business so his potential clients can see he walks the walk.

Vaea wanted to show her friends back in Europe how fun it was here so got me to produce this video of her training.

Caley Reece is the Female World Champion. This was made ahead of her April 3rd fight in Bangkok to help promote Muay Thai being introduced to the Olympics. After posting it went viral and she was the first female ever to go on the cover of International Kickboxer Magazine.

Father and son duo, Steve and Trent came here so Trent could work on his Muay Thai for his upcoming first amateur bout. Being the great guy Steve is, he ordered this video production for Trent to remember his trip.

Nathalie is a trainer back in Sweden who used to live in Thailand, training out of Sinbi. She asked me to make a special video so her students can see just what she has been through during her career.

Sindy Huyer is a professional fighter who wanted a short but sweet promo video made that predictably went viral and helped build her fanbase.

Father and Son Kos and Misha from Russia! This was a very rewarding video and im sure many people wished they had a similar memory that Misha is going to have to watch when he grows up.

Martin wanted to train and have a full on Muay Thai fight, he decided to use the 4000 baht fight pay towards a 7000 baht video to cover his training and fight, here it is!

Gregg just wanted a fun video to show his family and friends what he had been up to during his time in Phuket.

Below are some cool videos but many years old so the quality may not be as good as new video productions 🙂

Jay came to Sinbi wanting to launch a Muay Thai career. This video was to remember the start of his journey. He’s since went on to fight for Thai fight and is making a big name for himself.

Sayok Pumpunmuang came to the gym so I shot a short video of him, minimal editing and it went viral almost 1 million views… This helped re-launch his career as everyone was asking who the beast in the video was and wanted him to fight on the big events.

Gaston, aka Tonga is the Taekwondo world champion and is adding Muay Thai to his arsenal as he journeys towards being an MMA fighter. This was a promotional video in his laid back style to show to his friends, family and supporters. Being only a small country this seriously made Uruguays national news! Gaston gained 20k+ fans over night he tells me and could not give enough thanks!

Roger was training with Saenchai Sinbimuaythai while he was here and didn’t want to forget it!

Another of my older videos, This one is Stacey having a bit of fun along to Australia’s national anthem.

One of my earlier videos in 2011, Dae Ho from Korea was training for his last fight ever. He wanted to make sure he had a good video production so he never forgets his last training and fighting experience. (Although 1 year later he is back again hehe) (2 years later he came again)